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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does this software work?
As majority of the people create their email addresses by using their first names, surnames and some common words as prefix or suffix, so the most popular formats of email addresses are like smart.prince@gmail.com, smart_prince2009@yahoo.com and princesmart2009@yahoo.com. Acute Email IDs Production Engine works on the same concept. It uses the most common names of the people of the country you want to target and generates thousands of email addresses for your email marketing campaign.

Is it easy to operete the software?
Yes! Very easy, indeed! The software works just like a wizard. After completing few very easy steps you'll have list of thousands of email addresses in your hands really fast! 

Are there any monthy, renewal or update charges after I buy this software?
No, never. You'll make payment once and can use the software for lifetime. All future updates are free for life!

On which version of Windows, I can use this software?
This software is compatible on all versions of Windows (XP/2000/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10).

Can I use it on Mac?
Although, this software is not designed to work on Mac but Mac users can use it by using software like VMWare Fusion to run Windows compatible softwares on Mac. 30 Days free trial of VMWare is available here.

On how many computers I can install this software?
You can install this software only on 1 computer according to End User License Agreement. In case you want to install it on multiple computers, then you can buy additional activation key for just $10 per extra computer. Please note, additional activation key is for installing the software on your personal computer only. You can't install the software on other people computers using additional activation key.

Can I transfer the software from one computer to another, in case I change my PC?
Yes, simply uninstall the software from first computer, delete C:\program files\acute email ids production engine folder from your computer. Restart your computer and then install the software on second computer and we'll activate it without any charge/fee.

Is this software CAN-SPAM Act compliant?
No software or script is CAN-SPAM Act compliant and if they say so, they lie! Generally, you don't have right to send emails to those who're not on your opt-in list but CAN-SPAM Act gives you the persmission to send promotional emails, provided that you follow the guidelines mentioned in the Act. Daily thousands of companies send promotional emails by following CAN-SPAM Act guidelines. If you want to do email marketing seriously or want to start your internet business then why not do this in right way by following some really simple guidelines? If you follow CAN-SPAM Act guidelines then you won't be accused of sending SPAM mails. Click here to know CAN-SPAM Act Guidelines.

I do not have a PayPal account, can I still buy this software?
Yes, You can pay via PayPal, Credit Card, Payza and Perfect Money. As soon as you make the payment, download link will be sent to your email instantly. Click here to buy the software in just 30 seconds.

Can I see the screenshots of the software before I buy?
Sure! You've a right to know, what you're going to buy. Please click here to see the screenshots & how this software works.

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