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Steps & Screenshots

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1. Run the software and click 'Start Engine Now' button to start generating email lists.

Step 1 - Import names of people of the country you want to target. You can import firstnames only, surnames only or both to combine. Thousands of names of the people from different countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, India and China are available in the software database. Select files which contain names of the people of the country you want to target. You can also add your own names files in the database. 

Step 2 - Choose 'Email Service Name' whose email addresses list you want to generate like gmail.com and click 'Next'.

Step 3 -. Enter your keyword (It's optional) and click 'Next'. You can even choose where you want to place your keyword i.e. before or after every name in emails. Generally people use the words like smart, sharp, hot and cute etc. in their email addresses. You can also include keywords like 'webmaster', 'facebook' or 'poker' too to target even more specific niches


Step 4. Click 'Generate Email List' button to generate email list. You can also choose to put random numbers in every email address because many people create email addresses by putting random numbers.

After generating email list, software will tell you the number of email addresses generated and saved by it.

 Step 5. Congrates! Your email list is ready for use. Click 'View Email Lists' button to view email lists. You can generate as many email lists as you want as there's no limit!

Right Click here and choose 'save target as.../save link as...' to download a complete user manual (with screenshots) to know more about this software

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For immediate access to the software, simply choose your payment option from below and click 'Order Now'. As soon as you make the payment, download link is sent to your email instantly! You can pay via PayPal, Credit Card, Liberty Reserve & AlertPay. If you face any problem in making payment, please send us a message!

Please choose your preferred payment method and click 'Order Now' button. You'll be redirected to secure payment processing website.

Price: Just $27.00
Note: All payment processing websites are 64 bit SSL secure.

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