Frequently Asked Questions

What this software actually does?

This software can generate unlimited lists of email addresses for email marketing purpose. The lists so generated can be used for email marketing and inviting people to social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

How does this software work?

Please click here to see how this software works (with screenshots)

Is this software easy to operate?

Yes! Very easy, indeed! The software works just like a wizard. After completing few very easy steps you can access lists of thousands of email addresses immediately.

Is there any subscription or recurring charges?

NO! There are no recurring charges. You make payment only once and can use the software for life. Further, all future updates are free for life!

Which version of Windows I can use this software on?

This software is compatible on all versions of Windows (XP/2000/Vista/Windows 7/8 and Windows 10)

Can I use it on Mac?

Although, this software is not designed to work on Mac but Mac users can enjoy it by using softwares like VMWare Fusion to run Windows compatible softwares on Mac. 30 Days free trial of VMWare is available here.

Does this software work on Mobile Phone?

This software has been designed for Windows® but if you want to get email lists on a mobile phone then simply order this software and after buying your copy, contact us and tell us your requirement. We will send you the email lists according to your need. You are eligible for unlimited email lists after you buy the software.

How many computers I can install this software on?

According to End User License Agreement you can install it on one computer only but you can always buy additional copies to enjoy on multiple computers.

Can I transfer my copy from one PC to another, in case I change my PC?

Definitely! We will help you do that. Simply contact us here and you can do it in just few minutes.

Is this software CAN-SPAM Act compliant?

Generally, you don’t have right to send emails to those who’re not on your opt-in list but CAN-SPAM Act gives you the permission to send promotional emails, provided that you follow the guidelines mentioned in the Act. If you follow CAN-SPAM Act guidelines then you won’t be accused of sending SPAM mails. Click here to know CAN-SPAM Act Guidelines.

How can I pay for this software?

You can pay via PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Perfect Money. As soon as you make the payment, download link will be sent to your email instantly. Click here to buy the software in just 30 seconds.

Any other query? Please click here to send us a message.