How it works (Steps & Screenshots)

Step 1: Run the software and click ‘Start Engine Now’ button to start generating email lists.

Step 2: Import names of people of the country you want to target. You can import first names or surnames or both to combine them. Thousands of names of the people from different countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, India, China and Nigeria are available in the software database.

Step 3: Choose ’email service’ whose email addresses list you want to generate like and click ‘Next’.

Step 4 : Enter your keyword if you want to generate email lists targeting a specific keyword (although it is optional) and click ‘Next’. You can even choose where you want to place your keyword i.e. before or after the name in the emails. People use the words like smart, sharp, hot and cute etc. in their email addresses. You can use the keywords like ‘webmaster’, ‘expert’ or ‘poker’ too to target even more specific niches.

Step 5: Click ‘Generate Email List’ button to generate email list. You can also choose to put random numbers in every email address (optional) because mostly people put random numbers in their email addresses.

Step 6: After generating email list, software will tell you the number of email addresses generated and saved by it.

Step 7: Congratulations! Your email list is ready for use. Click ‘View Email Lists’ button to view email lists. Your email list has been saved in a text file. You can generate as many email lists as you want as there is no limit on the number of email lists that can be generated!

Want to see User Manual? [Updated 3 days ago]
Click here to download a complete user manual (with screenshots) to know more about this software.